In our workshops we hope to teach and equip you to minister mercifully both inside and outside the church body. Learn more about each workshop and presenter below. As audio becomes available from the workshops it will be made available here.

Ashley Belknap
Director: MNA Special Needs Ministry

Present Over Perfect: Disability Ministry in Your Church Context

Disability in the local church looks very different from one congregation to the next. Each church has its own context with its own unique needs. From autism to curriculum adaptation, from physical accessibility to mental health concerns, whatever the needs are, conversations and plans for meeting those needs often raise concerns and reveal fears. Do we have the time and financial resources? Do we have skilled personnel? What if we do or say the wrong things? Disability ministry, in essence, is about enfolding individuals and families touched by disability into the existing life and mission of the church. It isn't about a perfectly executed plan, knowing the right things to say and having special skills. Every person, including those with disabilities, needs to participate, grow, and serve as fully as possible in the church. Supportive, engaging disability ministry is built on small steps taken over time. Come join the conversation and see your confidence grow as we discuss what this can look like in your congregation!

MNA Special Needs Ministry reaches individuals with differing abilities and their families for Christ and helps them grow in their faith. We provide training and resources to help our local churches authentically enfold people with disabilities into congregational life and ministry. We also assist churches in expanding outreach to people touched by disability in the community.
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Mark Casson
Director: Metanoia Prison Ministries

Mike Dumas Sr.
Lead Chaplain: Good News Jail and Prison Ministry

Remembering the Prisoner

This workshop will give attendees theological and practical ways they can fulfill the biblical mandate to "Remember the prisoner as though chained with them" Hebrews 13:3. (This workshop will also include introduction to local prison/jail ministry of Mike Dumas.)

Metanoia Prison Ministries seeks to engage, educate and equip the church for the discipleship, mentoring and reintegration of Christian prisoners.
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Chaplain Michael Keith Dumas Sr. is approaching his 11th year with Good News Jail and Prison Ministry by serving the spiritual needs of the inmates and staff at the Orange County Jail in Orlando, Florida. As of January 2017, Michael has taken the role as Lead Chaplain for Good News Jail and Prison ministry in Orange County, FL. He's been a member of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Oviedo for the past 19 years and is very connected to many churches in Central Florida as he facilitates God's people volunteering in the jail. He directs the Life Learning Program in the "Christian Dorm" which averages over 40 inmates, but he also oversees all faith based needs for the Horizon and Work Release Center buildings which average over 9,000 inmates per year. Over the last year, he is also directing the Spanish chaplain's ministry with an addition 100+ volunteers. One extensive program that Michael uses to involve inmates in their own spiritual development is the Bible Correspondence Course where they discover the answers in God's holy Word and earn their own leather bound study Bible by completing over 220 lessons. Michael graduated from Bible College in 1991, and then from 1996 through 2000 he earned his MDIV at RTS Orlando. During that time Mike worked at Threshold Inc, which focused on daily care for developmentally disabled adults and children, most of who were on the far side of the autism spectrum. In 2003, he started volunteer-teaching classes at the Work Release Center, and felt a certain tug on his heart and life towards evangelism and discipling Christ-followers on the other side of the razor-wire. Then in 2006, when the doors seemed to be closing at Threshold, he already knew what path the Lord had prepared for him to continue ministry in Orlando. Over the next six months he interviewed for becoming a full-time chaplain with Good News and came on in October 2006 after being ordained by Evangelical Church Alliance. This was a time of many transitions since Michael's first wife, Wendy, went home to be with the Lord in 2005 after a terribly short struggle with breast-cancer. He was left caring for two boys, then ages 12 and 4. Two years later God orchestrated Michael's marriage to Amanda who had been serving as an English teacher in China for several years. Today Michael boasts a full quiver with 5 children, now ranging in age from 23 to 19 months.
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Pat Hatch
Director: MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministry

Impacting the World Through Local Ministry to Refugees & Immigrants

God has always used the movement of peoples for His own purposes. What opportunities might He have brought to your community in the person of your refugee or immigrant neighbor? And how might welcoming them benefit you, your church, and foreign missions? This workshop will answer those questions and share a variety of ways other PCA churches are responding.

MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministry informs, equips and encourages PCA congregations as they explore and engage in ministry to refugees and other immigrants.
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Dr. David S. Apple
Director: Active Compassion Philly

Visitation: The Incarnational Ministry of Coming Alongside

"The office of deacon... is one of sympathy and service, after the example of the Lord Jesus. It is the duty of the deacons to minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress." So says the Book of Church Order (9.1-2). How are we doing? This workshop will examine Christ's shepherding of his sheep (people) and compare it to the experience of a shepherd and his sheep (animals).

David S. Apple has directed ACTS (Active Compassion Through Service) the Mercy Ministry of Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, since 1988. He has led divorce recovery and single parent ministries, and presently oversees over 200 volunteer staff in outreach, evangelism and hospitality to homeless and addicted person, nursing home residents, incarcerated men and women, and others. His ministry includes deacon training and equipping churches across the United States for ministry in their communities. He is the author of Not Just a Soup Kitchen: How Mercy Ministry in the Local Church Transforms Us All and Neighborology: Practicing Compassion as a Way of Life. David earned a B.A. from Calvin College, a Pastoral Counseling Certificate from Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation, and an MATS and D. Min. from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He came to salvation through the incarnational ministry of Northside Chapel CRC in inner-city Paterson, NJ. That experience has shaped his life and ministry.
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Dr. Gary Ogrosky
Director: MNA SecondCareer

A Ministry Matchmaker

No matter what your age, if you have a desire to volunteer in mercy ministry, come and learn about the wide variety of PCA opportunities available where you can use your God given talents. Explore with us either short or long term opportunities many of which can be performed right from your own home. If you are PCA ministry leader looking for help, this workshop also may provide a valuable resource to access skilled help for your ministry.

MNA SecondCareer purpose is to match PCA adult volunteers of all ages who are looking for a place to serve in ministry, to opportunities where they can assist PCA church planters, churches and other PCA ministries. Many of our Opportunities to Serve can be done right from the volunteer's home with no need to travel. Our MNA SecondCareer RV Outreach also provides a way for PCA RVers to use their RVs in mission work across the continent. Because this is a free service provided through MNA it is an extremely cost effective way to promote and serve our PCA mercy ministries.
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Chris Sicks
Pastor of Mercy: Alexandria Presbyterian Church, VA

What Should Deacons Do?

Many deacon boards focus on two things: building & budget. And why not? They need to be done, and men are good at those things. Yet, as we read the New Testament, we find that God is primarily focused on the character and spiritual gifting of those he calls to be deacons not on their ability to use Quickbooks or swing a hammer. And our Book of Church Order emphasizes service to the needy as the work of deacons, with administrative service taking second place. Join us to learn more about how deacons can lead the mercy ministry efforts in your church, why that's a good idea, and how you can make sure the building & budget aren't neglected in the process.

Chris Sicks serves as Pastor of Mercy at Alexandria Presbyterian Church (APC). He leads and trains the deacons and Mercy Committee as they show mercy to the hurting within the congregation and the community. Previously, Chris was a deacon and Director of Mercy Ministry at APC. He has also worked at a homeless shelter and drug recovery program in DC, and served as executive director of a mentoring and scholarship program for DC children. He is the author of Tangible: Making God Known through Deeds of Mercy and Words of Truth from NavPress.
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Maria Clara Harrington, MS
Project GOLD Director: Kristi House, Inc

Commercial Sexual Exploitation & Sex Trafficking of Children

The average age of entry into prostitution and pornography in the United States is twelve years old. Most of the children involved in prostitution are under the control of violent and manipulative traffickers, "pimps", who subject them to a tremendous amount of trauma. Even though the sexual abuse of a child is a crime, tragically these children are often stigmatized as criminals rather than victims.

This workshop provides a basic overview of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking of children (CSEC), the extent of the problem and the impact this type of trauma has on children. It will also include ways in which our community can get involved and help.

The material is offered in lecture form through a power point presentation and videos. Participants will examine the following topics:

- What is the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)
- Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, Sex Trafficking
- CSEC Risk Factors
- Pathways to Entry
- Impact of CSEC
- What can you do

Maria Clara Harrington, has been with Kristi House for over 15 years. As the Project GOLD Director, she lead the launch and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Project GOLD (Girls Owning their Lives and Dreams) Drop In Center in Miami that provides support, mental health and enrichment services to child victims of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. Maria Clara has been providing direct service to child victims of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and sex trafficking through counseling, advocacy, street outreach and responds to the 24-hour Project GOLD hotline. She took over the leadership of Project GOLD in July 2013, having been a key trainer on the team for five years. She has trained a large variety of audiences including law enforcement, service providers, educators, parents, school administrators churches, and corporations. Maria Clara holds a master's degree in counseling and began at Kristi House in 2001. She frequently represents Kristi House on English and Spanish language TV and radio. She has worked on behalf of child and adolescent victims her entire professional career. In her off time, she's also devoted to children, traveling on missions to other countries to work with children in need. Maria Clara was the recipient of Attorney General Pam Bondi's 2015 Distinguished Victim Services Award.
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Tim Geiger
PCA Teaching Elder & President: Harvest USA

Biblical & Compassionate: Ministry to Sexually-Hurting Christians

We don't see the full extent of sexual brokenness in the church. Why? Most Christians who struggle with pornography, same-sex attraction, lust, or gender issues do so in secret. Generally, the only time we see them is when the consequences of sin and struggle become too big to keep a secret. But, Scripture calls church leaders to reach out to sexually-hurting people in the church--and to gently and compassionately lead them to walk in growing faith and repentance. What does that look like? Teaching Elder and Harvest USA President Tim Geiger will give you practical strategies for helping engage and restore those in the church struggling with secret patterns of struggle related to sex, sexuality and gender.

Tim Geiger is Executive Director for Harvest USA. He has been involved with the ministry of HARVEST USA since 1997. Initially, he came for ministry, battling-and losing-a twenty-year struggle with homosexuality and pornography. Through God's grace, Tim began to understand that it was the deceitfulness and rebelliousness of his heart that was leading him to sin, and that there was hope for change-not in what he could do, but in who Jesus Christ is and what he has done.

Tim did his undergraduate work at Community College of Philadelphia and has a Master of Divinity Degree from Westminster Theological Seminary. He is ordained as a Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church in America. Other than Harvest USA, Tim's professional experience comes from careers with the Internal Revenue Service and the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Tim and his wife, Susan, live in the Philadelphia area and have one daughter.
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Nancy Booher
Director: MNA ESL Ministries

Mercy & Outreach - ESL (English as a Second Language) Ministries

God has literally brought the World to our Doorstep. Look around: immigrants, refugees and International College Students are our new neighbors. By offering free ESL Classes we can reach them with the Gospel and build genuine relationships with our ESL students which will enable them to thrive in America. Come hear amazing stories of what God is doing across the nation in ESL Ministries. Find out how your church can start an ESL School. Volunteers in your ESL Ministry don't need to speak a foreign language and they don't have to be professional teachers. All they need to do is speak English and love Jesus and we can teach them the rest!!!

Nancy Booher is an accidental missionary. She has been volunteering at her home church (Chapelgate in Marriottsville, Maryland) as their ESL (English as a Second Language) Ministries Director since 2000. In 2005, MNA created the position of ESL Ministries Director in response to the recognition by many PCA Churches nationwide that God was literally sending the world to our doorstep. No one was more surprised than Nancy to be asked to be on MNA's Senior Staff. Since that time she has helped more than 200 churches start ESL Ministries.
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Rev. Curt Moore
Director: MNA ShortTerm Missions

Discipleship & Transformation through ShortTerm Missions

Many people can trace their initial desire to participate in acts of mercy through participation in short term missions. In this workshop Curt Moore, the MNA ShortTerm Missions Specialist will discuss the various opportunities to serve throughout the United States and Canada. Hear about what God is doing through two of our MNA partnerships, Mike Bunce of Common Ground Montgomery and Andy Pfeiffer of Carolina Mountain Mission. (Check them out at: and

Curt, a native Floridian and his wife, Kelly a Mississippian, met while Curt was serving at First Presbyterian Church Biloxi. Curt joined MNA staff in 2006 as MNA ShortTerm Assistant to help coordinate the massive volumes of PCA volunteers serving at worksites along the Gulf Coast. While serving with MNA they helped plant Lagniappe PCA Mission in Bay St. Louis MS and became their Associate Pastor. After Lagniappe became particularized and recovery operations were winding down Curt and Kelly moved to Orlando to join the staff of a local PCA church, first as assistant then as associate pastor. During his time in Orlando, church became a founding member of the Florida Deacon's Fellowship. Curt now serve full time with MNA as the ShortTerm Specialist, facilitating short term projects throughout the United States and Canada.
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Dr. David S. Apple
Director: Active Compassion Philly

Dealing with Cold Calls and Con Artists

For those of us who work with difficult people, setting safe boundaries is a priority. Otherwise we will burn out. If we want to serve wisely, then we must learn to understand and respect our limitations. In order to love ourselves, we must set limits. And that means being realistic and having common sense. Learn to work smarter and and more effectively. Avoid being taken. -- based on over thirty years of ministry experience and mistakes)

David S. Apple has directed ACTS (Active Compassion Through Service) the Mercy Ministry of Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, since 1988. He has led divorce recovery and single parent ministries, and presently oversees over 200 volunteer staff in outreach, evangelism and hospitality to homeless and addicted person, nursing home residents, incarcerated men and women, and others. His ministry includes deacon training and equipping churches across the United States for ministry in their communities. He is the author of Not Just a Soup Kitchen: How Mercy Ministry in the Local Church Transforms Us All and Neighborology: Practicing Compassion as a Way of Life. David earned a B.A. from Calvin College, a Pastoral Counseling Certificate from Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation, and an MATS and D. Min. from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He came to salvation through the incarnational ministry of Northside Chapel CRC in inner-city Paterson, NJ. That experience has shaped his life and ministry.
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Justin Borger
Associate Pastor of Teaching, Outreach & Missions: St. Paul's Presbyterian, PCA - Orlando, FL

God So Loved, He Gave: Entering the Movement of Divine Generosity

This workshop will explore the biblical message of generosity. The God who created a good and perfect world, but whose world turned from him, has brought restoration through gift: The Father loved the world and gave the Son, and the Father and the Son pour out the gift of the Spirit into the hearts of humanity bringing about praise, hope, and new creation. Those who are united to the Son by his Spirit then find they have received the glorious gift of God's coming Kingdom. In other words, the Gospel is shaped by giving: God's generosity buys us out of bondage and brings us into all the blessings of belonging. But the good news is not only that God has made us to be recipients of his grace but also participants in the movement of his divine justice and generosity.

Justin Borger is Associate Pastor of Teaching, Outreach and Missions at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in Orlando, FL. Before coming to St. Paul's in 2008, Justin worked as a writer for Generous Giving and as Generosity Content Director for the Maclellan Foundation. In 2010 he published God So Loved He Gave: Entering the Movement of Divine Generosity (Zondervan), with his good friend, Dr. Kelly Kapic. Justin holds a B.A. in philosophy from Covenant College and an M.Div. from Reformed Theological Seminary where he is also currently working on his Doctorate of Ministry. Justin, his wife Becky and son Bo enjoy living right across the street from the church in the St. Paul's neighborhood.
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Randy Nabors
Senior Staff Coordinator Urban & Mercy Ministries: MNA Urban & Mercy Ministries

Q&A - Ask Randy

This workshop will be an opportunity to ask Randy Nabors any questions related to diaconal and Mercy ministry.

Randy is Senior Staff Coordinator of Urban and Mercy Ministries for Mission to North America of the PCA. He is also the Coordinator of the New City Network and the Pastor Emeritus of New City Fellowship in Chattanooga, a congregation that began as an inner-city Sunday school dating back to the late sixties. Randy was the organizing pastor in 1976 and the congregation continues its commitment to its vision of being centered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and living out the call of the Gospel in racial reconciliation, ministry to the poor, and commitment to the city. Randy and Joan now work to develop and plant a coalition of urban, mercy-focused congregations called the New City Network. Joan and Randy are blessed with four children and several grandchildren.
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Larry Shingler
Director of Small Group Ministries: Orangewood Church, PCA - Maitland, FL

Missional Communities: The Compelling Opportunity Before Us

My goal is to touch on opportunity before us, while outlining a realistic approach toward engagement. I'll convey Christ's compassionate approach as seen in the Gospels and share from personal experience. We'll have time for open discussion, perhaps capturing the collective wisdom of those present.

Points to explore include:
1) Biblical history is on our side. Orlando is our Antioch (Acts 11).
2) Prayer is essential for compassionate hearts and eyes that see.
3) Biblical Community, our staging ground to train, equip and send.
4) The Cultural lies that discourage engagement and spiritual attack that's unrelenting.
5) Rules for engagement, we must learn to listen well and serve well. We must learn to share our story, share His story.
6) Missional Objectives must be clearly defined.

Since January 2011, Larry has overseen Orangewood's small group ministry, including the training of small group coaches and leaders. In addition, he co-leads a leadership group, training young adults to be disciples, equipping them for service in their church and community. Prior to joining Orangewood's staff, Larry was an Assistant Pastor at Four Oaks Community Church, EFCA in Tallahassee, Florida where for six years, he oversaw pastoral care, global and local outreach opportunities.
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Zeynep Portway
Program Manager: Goodwill Industries of Central Florida

Loving Our Neighbor Through Our Work - Employment & Mercy Ministries

Work is dignity and the way out of poverty. Learn how the faith community can play an essential role in changing lives through employment outreach.

Zeynep Portway is the Program Manager for the HVRP program at Goodwill Industries of Central Florida. Prior to her role at Goodwill Industries, Zeynep served as the Program Manager of Central Florida Jobs Initiative of Christian HELP, a nonprofit focused on helping people to find jobs. Zeynep also serves as the Director of Workforce Readiness on the Board of Directors of GOSHRM, which is the local Orlando chapter of the Society of Human Resource Managers. She is also on the Board of the GOOD (Greater Orlando Organizational Development) Network or Good Network. Zeynep is a graduate of the Columbia University with a degree in Political Economy.
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Bill Hufford
City Commissioner: Casselberry, FL

Colleen Hufford
President: Friends of the Park

Engaging in Local Politics - Seek the Welfare of the City

My wife and I have lived in the same house and community for almost 40 years. We have always been active in our church but hadn't paid too much attention to what was going on in our community. That all changed when we were asked to get involved in getting rid of some very bad elements in our city. Since that time we have become very active in transforming our city both as volunteers and as city commissioners. We have embraced Jeremiah's encouragement to the exiles to seek the welfare of the city because in its welfare, you'll find yours. At the Mercy Conference we would love to share our story with you.

Casselberry, FL City Commissioner Bill Hufford is serving his first term on the City Commission. He is the alternate City representative on the Council of Local Governments in Seminole County (CALNO), and previously served on the City's Community Redevelopment Agency Board, Economic Development Review Board, and the Police Officers' and Firefighters' Pension Board. He is also Past President of Casselberry Rotary, Past President of Casselberry Friends of the Park, and Past Chairman of Christian HELP. Commissioner Hufford retired from SunTrust Banks after over 30 years of service. Currently, he serves as Deacon at Willow Creek Church. He has a BS Degree from Purdue University and an MBA from University of Central Florida. He and his wife, Colleen, have been married for over 45 years and have two adult children and three grandchildren. They have lived in Casselberry since 1980.
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Colleen Hufford has been a community activist for over 20 years, serving on various city volunteer boards in the community. She was an elected official for 12 years serving on various Seminole County boards including the Tourist Development Council and Multi-City Board. Colleen is two time past president of Casselberry Chamber of Commerce. She has served the Florida League of Cities in Legislative Action Committees and Advocacy for the Florida League of Cities. Colleen is currently president of Friends of the Park, a volunteer organization that promotes quality of life and cultural art initiatives. Colleen is married to Bill Hufford and has two children and three grandchildren. Her hobbies include walking, water aerobics and home decorating.v
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Arklie Hooten
Disaster Response and ShortTerm Missions Director: MNA Disaster Response

Keith Perry
MNA Disaster Response Specialist, Florida: MNA Disaster Response

Is God in the storm? God's love on display through disaster response

God shows up in profound ways during natural disasters. Storms expose people to needs they never imagined, revealing hope where they never considered looking. During the response to a disaster, churches have a unique opportunity to imitate Christís incarnational love by moving toward those in need and displaying His love through physical acts of mercy while offering the hope of the Gospel through proclamation of the Word. Join us during this session to understand the mechanics of launching a disaster response team at your church and joining in what God is doing.

Arklie and his wife Katherine live in Elizabethton TN and worship at Memorial PCA where he currently serves as a Ruling Elder. He has been leading the ministry of MNA Disaster Response since 2005, overseeing the growth and development of staffing, volunteer training and mobilization, a DR warehouse, and the Sheds of Hope project.
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Keith and his wife Marianne reside in Melbourne FL where they attend Covenant PCA. Keith began serving with MNA Disaster Response as a volunteer in 2004, served as a Key Leader during the response to Hurricane Katrina, setting up food distribution and establishing worksites, and has been instrumental in the development of disaster response training materials for local churches and key leaders. He currently serves the state of Florida as a regional specialist.
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Del Farris
Associate Director, Civilian Chaplaincy: MNA Chaplain Ministries/PRCC

What Do You Say When Tragedy Happens?

Jesus said, "In the world you will have tribulation" (John 16:33). Sometimes that tribulation takes the form of tragic events and illnesses that can have devastating impact on an individual or family and those close to them. As Christ's servants and ambassadors in this fallen world, we are called to show kindness and mercy to people in need. No one wants to be a "Job's friend" whose attempt at bringing comfort ends up making the situation worse. Instead, we want to speak "Gracious words" that bring "sweetness to the soul and health to the body" (Proverbs 16:24). This workshop will help us apply biblical principles of compassion and mercy as practical guides to help us know what to say and do to effectively bring the presence and comfort of Christ to those in distress.

After 22 years as a professional chaplain, Del became the Associate Director of Civilian Chaplaincy for MNA Chaplain Ministries and the Presbyterian and Reformed Commission on Chaplains (which serves seven denominations, including the PCA). Originally from Little Rock, AR, Del studied Journalism at LSU in Baton Rouge and later received an MDiv at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS. He was a chaplain at a VA Medical Center, with a Hospice agency, and at Arkansas Children's Hospital (ACH) in Little Rock where he served as the Director of the Pastoral Care Department for 18 years. Del has also been an assistant pastor, a solo pastor, and during his time at ACH he planted a church in Hot Springs, AR.
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Dr. Kay Burklin
Refugee Liaison: MTW

The Refugee Crisis: The World is Coming to Us #notoneveningnews

The United Nation High Commission for Refugees calls the current refugee crisis the greatest humanitarian crisis since WWII. Millions of people are coming out of "closed" countries where they have never heard the gospel. Over 60 million in our world are displaced, in trauma and looking for a safe place and according to the Bible, that only true safe place is in Jesus. What an amazing opportunity for the church, to share that good news with refugees looking for refuge that can be found in Christ. God is moving and MTW ministries are responding to the needs. Come find out how you can be part of reaching the nations through ministering to refugees around the world.

As MTW's refugee liaison, Kay coordinates MTW refugee ministries and encourages the Church to respond to refugees both locally and globally. This is Kay's first love, as she lived and worked in a UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) camp in the Philippines after graduating from Wheaton College. Kay earned her masters of theological studies in ethics from Gordon-Conwell Seminary and her doctorate of ministry from Alliance Theological Seminary (N.Y.). Kay has taught English in Japan, assisted with disaster relief, and has participated in numerous short-term mission trips. As the former director of MTW's Mercy Ministry, Kay's work brought her around the world to serve the voiceless, the hurting, and those in great distress. She and her husband, Heiko, served as church planters in Berlin, Germany, for eleven years. They have three sons and two daughters-in-law.
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Dr. Michael "Woody" Woodham
President: Alive Again Ministries

Jim Proos
Chaplain: Livingston County Jail

Addiction and the Church

Because every member in a Church is a son or daughter of Adam we ALL have a penchant to sin that can result in slavery to addictions. There are many types of addictions, but they all have a common root cause. Jesus came to set us free. (John 8:32-36, John 10:10) This workshop will help you to understand Addiction and will give you concepts, ideas, and tools that you can use to provide ministry to partner with Jesus as he "sets the captives free." Addictions are really symptomatic of deeper problems that only Jesus can and will heal through the gospel. (Romans 1:16) We shall examine the 12 steps of recovery from the Biblical perspective from which they were originally developed in the 1930s. We shall show how these 12 steps of discipleship can be used within the "Community of recovery" in your own local church. This workshop will be useful to anyone who has a family member or friend ensnared in the horrors of addiction or any church or person that desire to see the "captives set free."

Dr. Woodham is president of Alive Again Ministries. He is a member of South Florida Presbytery, served as moderator in 2005 and 2006, and currently serves as stated clerk. He served with MTW from 1977 to 2006, in Jamaica and Ecuador, and has been trained in Evangelism Explosion in English and in Spanish. He is an adjunct professor for Trinity International University and Vice President for Development of EAM2.
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Chaplain Jim Proos has served as Chaplain at the Livingston County Jail for 12 years. Began Second Chance Mentor Program for guys getting out of jail/prison. Operated 3 half way houses for men returning from jail or prison. Elder at Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Volunteers at Love in the name of Christ in Michigan and Bonita Springs, FL. Attends Celebrate Recovery. Lives 5 months in Michigan and 7 months in Naples, Florida. Also a member of Covenant Church Naples (PCA), and leads "Life Relaunch" seminars in Florida prisons.

Paul Flores
Director of Mercy: Marco Presbyterian Church, PCA - Marco Island, FL

Not Forgotten - Engaging and Caring For the Elderly

Proverbs 16:31 tells us that gray hair is a crown of glory, gained by a righteous life. What does it take to minister to those who are wrestling with the days that are filled with twilight's gloom, trembling keepers of the house and grinders that cease because there are fewer each year (Ecclesiastes 12). Join us in exploring how we as a church can enjoy the privilege of helping our elderly saints to bless those around them as they live out their lives in an season of slowing down, and preparing for graduation to glory.

Paul Flores is the Director of Mercy at Marco Presbyterian Church, Marco Island, Florida and a Pastoral Counselor certified through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. Having formerly served as a Deacon and currently as a Ruling Elder, Paul has seen the ministry to the aging grow as our life expectancy has grown from 76.6 years in 2000 to 79.4 years in 2017. This has provided an unprecedented opportunity to both minister to the aging, and learn from them.
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Orangewood Church, PCA | 1300 Maitland Blvd, Maitland, FL 32751